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The Developmental
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For local authorities and other organisations, the philosophy of the partnership is simple - our aim is to try and help those in the early years and childcare sector to avoid reinventing the wheel when it comes to developing sources of information such as support publications and materials. 

The Developmental Resources Publishing Partnership was formed from earlier partnerships after the development of additional new materials and the inclusion of new authors. It includes the The Early Years and Childcare Publishing Partnership which develops publications for professional organisations, practitioners and parents/carers in the early years sector. It has publications that, after initial production, can then be 'branded' for organisations, health trusts, children's centres or settings to have their 'own copies', or for individual practitioners, childminders and parents who can purchase individual off-the-shelf copies from stock. This is all done in the knowledge that these are professionally produced support materials, written and developed by specialist practitioners/professionals and designed and produced by KMMD. 

The publications that the partnership produces for a range of sectors, can be 'customised' for other organisations and local authorities, by being branded with their logo and other details. It's a simple way of offering 'customised' publications to organisations working within the early years, education, health and family support sectors, thus saving development time, money and resources for everyone concerned.  Since then as more publications were developed through different partnerships working together, this new partnership evolved and is now going from strength to strength.

If you represent an organisation that is looking to produce new materials, why not consider doing this through the partnership. Alternatively, you might have an idea for a new DevelopmentWheel™ that you can produce through the partnership. You will get your own copies of the publication and you will also benefit from the credibility this gives with your peer group members from other organisations who wish to have their own 'customised' copies of the publication you helped to develop... whilst also getting 'royalties' for the part you play in the production of the publication.

To discuss this further or to arrange a meeting, contact us

individual practitioners/professionals, childminders and parents/carers, we have copies of our publications available for purchase through our individual retail website. These are identical in terms of content, but are 'general' copies produced for individual use and not for a particular organisation.

PARTNERS and ASSOCIATES of The partnership are:

KMMD Publishing Harrow Council
North West London NHS Hospitals Trust Government departments
Literacy specialists Rutland Council
©Crown copyright Health consultants
Education consultants/authors Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust
Coventry City teachers and practitioners
Welsh Government
Judith Stevens - E Y Consultant
Nikki Elliston - literacy consultant
Stella Nalini - E Y Schemas consultant
Outdoor Matters
Chris and Polly Burr
Sharin Baldwin and Patricia Kelly from NHS Clinical Academic Hub
Wendy Beeton-Townshend
The Education People


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LOCAL AUTHORITIES and OTHER ORGANISATIONS can click here to view the publications available for your organisation to 'customise'. The site is operated by KMMD and you can also purchase samples online or order copies for your organisation using a purchase order.

PRACTITIONERS/PROFESSIONALS, TEACHERS, CHILDMINDERS, PARENTS, CARERS and other INDIVIDUALS, please click here to visit the individual retail site operated for the publications partnership by KM Publications. Here you can purchase 'off-the-shelf' copies of our publications ONLINE using a credit/debit card or using PayPal.

The publications listed on this site (including the popular 'Parenting DevelopmentWheels™') offer you the chance to commission 'customised'' production (with your logo and other details on).  And because all of the research, production and set up work has been done, you can save on the time and costs associated with the development of such specialist publications. 

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New publications are being developed on a regular basis, so please bookmark this site so that you can easily return to visit us.

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